{FRAGRANCE FAVOURITES} | Black Opium by Yves Saint Laurent

To be truly truthful with you, I was never a fan of the original Opium by YSL. The secretary at my grade school often wore it and every time I smelled it, it was a reminder of her meanness. However when the scent of the new Black Opium first touched my nose, I fell totally and absolutely in love. It was announced to be the “rock ‘n roll” rebirth of the classic Opium and pays tribute to the dark and mysterious side of the YSL brand. It is really in tune with my personal style so it really is no wonder why I adore it.

The bottle is superbly glam rock. It is the classic Opium shape but is black and adorned with sequins. The iconic “Yves Saint Laurent” logo appears on the stopper and you get a glimpse of the liquid in the middle of the bottle.

Black Opium is a delicately sensual scent with vanilla, cedar and patchouli at the base. Coffee dominates the heart but it is tempered with delicate jasmine. The perfume is finished off with pink pepper, orange blossoms and pear at the top. The amount of notes is significantly less than those in Opium and with the result being that the few notes shine through exquisitely. It is simple, exotic and beautiful. It is a long lasting scent and doesn’t fade away even after a day of wear.

The ad campaign is dark and simple and it is fronted by British model Edie Campbell. She has the perfect look for the fragrance and I LOVE her hair. The TV ad is shot in Shanghai, China. It shows such a different side to the city and makes me want to visit! The song, Jungle by Emma Louise, perfectly suits that soft, grungy feel.

Black Opium, for me, shows us through its delicate ingredients that even the toughest and most mysterious girl has an innocent, vulnerable side. If you love rocker chic, this one is for you!
You can find Black Opium at all leading retailers where it retails between ZAR910 and ZAR1370

Until next time

Love and (black) sparkles
Zaakira xox

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