Be Desired is the newest fragrance in the Be Delicious collection by DKNY. The collection is pretty iconic; I remember that Be Delicious was one of my very first fragrances as a teen. I always said it made me smell of fragrant apples and The Big Apple and whenever I smell it now it brings back a flood of nostalgia.
Be Desired is sensual and grown up while still staying true to the fresh feel of the original. With this perfume, Donna Karan encourages you to step into an urban garden and experience the fresh, lush, misty and addictive scent of a modern Eve. It is a steamy infusion of freshness and florals with a hint of sweetness.
The bottle is true to the Be Delicious collection, it is the same, cute apple shape. The name is on a little sticker on the bottle, just like the stickers you find on actual apples at the grocer. The colour is a darker green than the original and the liquid inside is clear with a very slight green tint.
At the top, the fragrance opens all sweet and fruity with orange oil, blackcurrant, iced grapefruit and violet leaves. The heart incorporates acacia flower, cassis absolute, Asian jasmine and Turkish rose which tempers the fruity notes beautifully. The base is very classic and very different from its forerunners. It brings the fragrance together with notes of cedar, cashmere and amber wood. I love the grapefruit and blackcurrant notes. They’re a little more grown up than the green apples but still give the fragrance that fruity hint.
The integration of the flowers in the heart, blended with the fruit and soft base notes create a lovely piece of alchemy that is both wistful and new.
I love this fragrance for the summer but because of the floral heart and woody base I can also see it taking me through the fall. Its perfect spritzed on just after a shower and lasts all day. While the bottle is cute and colourful and the notes are fruity, it is still a very sophisticated scent. Be Desired can be worn in the daytime without being overwhelming (work, school etc.) but can also take you into that balmy night.
DKNY Be Desired Eau de Parfum is available in 30mL, 50mL and 100mL variants.

It is also a best-selling fragrance at Hyde Park Corner (my favourite mall!) and was recently featured in the Hyde Park Corner Valentines Scentsational Journey.

Find DKNY Be Desired and fall in love at the Cosmetics gallery, Hyde Park Corner, Jan Smuts Avenue, Johannesburg.

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