{FRAGRANCE REVIEW} Indian Night Jasmine by The Body Shop 2

 Indian Night Jasmine captures the intoxicating scents of the Kashmir Mughal Gardens at night. The night is said to be the time when the majestic jasmine flowers give off their most decadent scent. Body Shop perfumers created this scent to celebrate the true beauty and intoxicating nature of this famed flower.

Indian Night Jasmine has been around for a while and it is a firm favourite at The Body Shop. This year you can get this sublime “floriental” fragrance in lovely new packaging as part of the new Voyage Collection. The fragrance bottles are now a really cute bell shape and this one has indents that make the bottle look like a gigantic jewel. The liquid inside is visible and is a beautiful orange colour, reminiscent of the sunset.
In the fragrance, jasmine flowers which are picked at night are combined with violet leaves, vanilla and orange blossom. It’s all brought together with rich sandalwood at the base. The result is quite intoxicating but also elegant and comforting.   
My Mom had jasmine trees in our childhood home and I can clearly remember the heady scent the flowers gave off at night. I was, however, cautioned by the elders not to go near the trees because “jinns liked the smell too.” With the Indian Night Jasmine I get to relive that scent and that beautiful garden without having to worry about jinns!
Because it is an eau de toilette, this fragrance isn’t as long lasting as one would prefer a jasmine scent to be. It wears off quite quickly and I found myself having to reapply it in the day.

The Indian Night Jasmine fragrance (50mL) retails for ZAR275 at The Body Shop. If you are looking for an affordable holiday gift for someone that loves perfume this is a really nice one! You can also get the Indian Night Jasmine scent in fragrance mist (ZAR140), shower gel (ZAR99), body lotion (ZAR140) and body butter (ZAR160). Buy them all and use them together to layer and build a lasting fragrance!
This fragrance is 100% vegan. 
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