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Hi beauties! Last week I attended a beauty trends session at Skins Cosmetics with Zebra Square. One of the featured brands was Glampalm and I was really interested in hearing about their product because I have never actually tried any of their tools. (SPOILER: I have REALLY been missing out!)

Like many beauty trends and innovations, Glampalm began in South Korea and was the very first company to use ceramic plate technology back in 1995. They wanted to revolutionize the hair-styling industry by inventing technology and engineering products that allowed hair to be styled quickly and with minimal damage.

Glampalm’s ceramic plates are built with their patented Healing Stone Technology. This means that the actual plates on the styling tools are infused with a healing stone that is found in the South Korean mountains. The natural mineral has been used in Eastern medicine for hundreds of years and helps to prevent snags and breakage and makes the hair smooth and remarkably silky. Glampalm also uses vibrating technology in their Magic Series straightener. This assists in well-distributed heat transfer and allows any product you have applied to properly absorb into the strands. The effect is less heat damage, zero frizz and super glossy hair.

Glampalm products are non-toxic.

Glampalm wants to make it simple for you to style your hair at home. They encourage you to experiment and get comfortable with using their tools on your own hair. Here are some tips from Glampalm for the perfect mane

  • Use a heat protectant. Glampalm’s styling tools are designed for minimal damage to hair but it is important to ensure that your hair is properly protected.
  • Clean your styler! Product build-up and natural oils can potentially damage your styler and affect the way it works. You can use a soft cloth and rubbing alcohol to gently wipe down your tools once a week.
  • Use your styler on the highest setting. I know this seems strange but the highest heat setting allows your hair to be styled quicker and more effectively.
  • Grip the piece of hair you are straightening firmly between the plates for optimal results.
  • Curl away from your scalp and face using either the wand or straighteners. Hold for 3-5 seconds and then release for the perfect curl!

Hair and Makeup Artist Dyllan Morais

Have you tried Glampalm’s tools? Let me know what you think!

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