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When parents travel, the one thing I can look forward to is perfume from Duty Free. On my Mom’s most recent trip to Malta she chose and brought me back Dolce by Dolce and Gabbana. It is the most recent fragrance offering from the famed fashion house and is said to represent a sensual and emotional journey through Sicily which is where the brand originated and where the duo draw their inspiration from. Domenico Dolce has said of the fragrance, The nobility of the soul, the elegance of every day gestures, the joy of sharing from generation to generation, and the effortless perfection of a single white flower. This is the picture of Sicily that I carry within me, and the one captured in this delicate fragrance

So let’s talk about the (gorgeous) bottle. It’s a fairly simple bell-shaped bottle filled with green liquid. There is black writing on the bottle and the word “Dolce” is signed by Domenico Dolce and is said to be reminiscent of his own father’s signature. At the top of the bottle sits a classic black bow and the best part of the bottle sits at the top… the stopper. It is a beautiful cream and pink resin Sicilian flower which sort-of resembles handmade sugar flowers we see on cakes. It perfectly sets the tone for this soft, floral scent.

Dolce is a very gentle, feminine scent. It is floral, demure and has no hint of sweetness. The base notes are cashmere and musk while white flowers sit at the heart. These flowers are white Daffodil, White Water Lily and being used for the 1sttime in a scent, South African (!!!) White Amaryllis (I’m so proud!). The top notes are more colourful, consisting of Neroli leaves and Papaya flower. The result is pleasant and wearable.
Despite the softness of the fragrance, it lasts very long but fades into a very musky, soapy finish. Almost like Anais Anais by Cacherel. If you want to keep that pretty floral scent you might have to reapply after 4 hours or so.

Dolce is the perfect Spring fragrance. It is definitely a very different, more mature direction for the otherwise avant-garde fashion house but it manages to be feminine and demure without being “granny” The ad campaign is simple and beautiful and features Canadian model Kate King.

Dolce by Dolce and Gabbana retails at Red Square for ZAR 780(30mL), ZAR 1,059.98(50mL) and ZAR 1,404.98(75mL). Buy it online here

What was the most recent addition to your fragrance collection?

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