5 Things to Watch on Netflix Right Now 2

Hi babes! I’m quite the Netflix addict so now that it’s that time of the year when exams are ending and it’s just too hot (or expensive!) to leave the house, I’ve decided to recommend some shows and movies I’ve watched on Netflix.

These are just some of the things I’ve watched recently and I’ve tried to include loads of warm, feel-good stuff for the season. Obviously there are loads more so if you have any recommendations please pop them in the comments

  1. Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj

I cannot recommend this show enough! I’ve always thought Hasan is hilarious and I have been educated on so many things in just 5 episodes. Watch this if not just to flex on your uncles who get their information from doctored WhatsApp videos.

Also, while you are here, check out his stand-up special Homecoming King.


  1. On My Block

My brother watched this when it released and couldn’t stop talking about it. I finally watched it recently and it is HIGHLY recommended. It’s a Gen Z show about high-schoolers – your typical friend group gets shaken up formula – but tackles loads of different issues in a respectful and watchable style. It is based in the fictional LA neighbourhood Freeridge which is so rife with gang violence that the kids have almost become desensitized to it. It’s also got some really warm and funny moments and a spicy love triangle. The episodes are just 20mins long so you can binge it in a day or two.


  1. Kim’s Convenience

Another quick binge, this is a comedy about a Korean family settled in Canada. It is hilarious but also so lovely and warm. Watch it if you need to feel good. There are 2 seasons available and believe me, Mr Kim will become your favourite after just the first 5 minutes!


  1. One Day at a Time

Can I recommend this enough? No! I feel like it’s probably the best sitcom on Netflix and it is SO underrated. It is a sort-of reboot of an old show but this time features a single-parent family of Cuban descent living in the US. It is hysterically funny but also gets very serious and current every now and then. Rita Moreno is EVERYTHING in this and if you aren’t in tears after watching the first 2 seasons then your heart is probably made of ice.


  1. ALL the Christmas Movies

Netflix gets the Christmas movie SO right! Excellent, diverse casting, cute sets and storylines and just the right amount of cheese. So far I’ve watched A Christmas Prince, The Princess Switch (Vanessa Hudgens is everything in this!) and The Holiday Calendar (SO cute and Ron Cephas Jones – one of my favourite actors – is in it!).

I’ve never been one for Hallmark Christmas movies but Netflix has totally changed that. I am a sucker for these movies now and I think it’s because Netflix really knows how to do them. A Christmas Prince is getting a sequel at the end of the month and I just cannot wait! Pop some popcorn, mix a hot chocolate and enjoy!

BONUS – Trevor Noah’s new stand-up special, Son of Patricia, is now streaming! Can’t wait to watch it this weekend!

I’m also crazy excited for Dumplin’ coming in December.

What have you been watching on Netflix? Pop me a tweet or comment with your recommendations!

Until next time

Love and sparkles

Zaakira xo

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