I am a late 20s girl originally from a very small town called Ladysmith. I have trained as a chef and my life has included studying and working stints in both Durban and Cape Town. I now live in Johannesburg with a ring on my finger and an endless craving for new experiences.

My early years were spent, in wide-eyed intrigue, between the glossy pages of Teen Vogue, Seventeen and Cosmo Girl. However, I was quite often chastised and ridiculed for my love of clothes and makeup and told it was vapid and unnecessary. For a long while I was relatively uncomfortable in my own skin but I began to heal once I learned to accept and embrace my vanity and started doing just that.

I initiated my journey by hand making jewellery and accessories under the name Scarlett Candy (A name I want to keep while planning my next retail adventure), which I sold at fairs and markets. Some of my most cherished memories are at night markets on the lively streets of Greenside.

Once I had begun to become more comfortable in the City of Gold I felt I needed a space to share my universal love for fashion and beauty and I started Princess of Jozi.

Fashion for me is an ever-changing artistic journey and I tend to choose pieces that are as valuable emotionally and artistically as they are fashionable. I always say “The most stylish thing you can own is individuality”

I love to chat and discuss and you can you always pop me a tweet, comment or even an email.

Love and sparkles

Zaakira xo