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I must admit that it’s often that I become “utterly obsessed” with some or other beauty product. M·A·C collections usually hit the top of the “utterly obsessed” lists and this time is no exception. The latest offering from my favourite brand is called the Tendertalk Lip Balm; which is described as a “smart lip conditioner”.

Awaken to a sweet new sensation: Tendertalk Lip Balm, a smart lip conditioner that creates a personalized tint based on your chemistry. Combining nourishing skincare and technology, this perfect lip transformer helps keep lips soft and moisturized while intuitively offering the right hint of colour.”

So basically these are neat little lip tints that change colour depending on the chemistry of your skin! They also provide nourishing moisture to the lips. Being a huge fan of anything that changed colour and mood rings during my childhood, I think this is awesome! It looks sophisticated but still provides happiness to my inner child.
Tendertalk Lip Balm comes in 5 gorgeous variants
Candy Wrapped               – Sheer pink
Pretty Me Up                    – Sheer coral
Play With Me                    – Sheer red
Teddy Pink                         – Sheer bright pink
Side Dish                             – Sheer plum
Candy Wrapped and Teddy Pink are already on my list!

Another thing I LOVE is the packaging. The silver holders are really chic and the little holographic detail is super cute. I’m pretty sure they smell amazing too!

I don’t have many details on pricing and when it will launch here in South Africa but it will launch in the United States on June 16 and cost $20. If I get any info I will share it with you immediately!
Until next time
Love and sparkles
Zaakira xox

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