{BEAUTY REVIEW} | GLAMGLOW Glowsetter™ Setting Spray

Hi beauties! I shrieked with delight when GLAMGLOW’s new Glowsetter™ setting spray arrived some time back. I actually don’t even know why this is the first GLAMGLOW product I am reviewing because I am more than a little obsessed with their masks (obviously), their PoutMud lip balm and generally the whole GLAMGLOW vibe. It’s showy and Hollywood in a way that my best 2007 self really loves. I definitely will do some reviews for you guys but let’s focus on Glowsetter™ today.

The packaging is amazing! The setting spray is housed in a bright pink clear 100mL bottle which is embellished with the notorious GLAMGLOW star.

I really like the colour. It is a refreshing change from all the pastel and monochrome packaging that’s everywhere. Haven’t you heard? Fran Drescher Pink is the new Millenial Pink! The product isn’t pink (of course!); it just has that effect because of the tint of the plastic. The silver spray nozzle is quite large and sprays a fine and even mist.  

GLAMGLOW is known for its unique, patented Teaoxi® complex that makes the masks so effective. It is no surprise that Glowsetter™ adopts the same idea and is infused soothing and hydrating green, white and red teas. It also contains charged waters and caffeine to invigorate and awaken the skin.

Glowsetter™ smells really sugary and reminds me of Ziffers and Love Hearts. I really like it. However, if you aren’t fond of scented products then you may want to skip this.

I’ve used Glowsetter™ a few times since I got my hands on it and I am quite pleased with the results. It has a very comfortable, weightless feel but truly holds the makeup in place. There is absolutely no sticky feeling and although it is a product you can reapply when necessary, I didn’t have the need to. I used Glowsetter™ over the weekend with a new foundation that was quite liquidy and I was afraid it might slip throughout the day but the setting spray really helped to keep it in place all day. It also removes powder residue and helps blend the makeup into a polished finish. I will use it in the warmer months to see if I get the same results.

You should be able to find at most GLAMGLOW stockists. You can find a list here. I am not sure of the pricing but as soon as I know I will update.

Have you tried any GLAMGLOW products yet? Pop me a comment or tweet and let me know!

Until next time

Love and sparkles

Zaakira xox

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