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White Musk, which was created in 1981, is an iconic part of The Body Shop. The velvety, ladylike scent is really comforting and reminds me of my childhood and my Aunt who still uses the White Musk perfume oil today. Following the success of White Musk and Red Musk in […]

{FRAGRANCE REVIEW} | Black Musk by The Body Shop

GOSH Copenhagen has created a new line of makeup brushes. The new brushes sit on Birchwood handles and are made from 100% synthetic materials. The use of no natural hair in the creation of these brushes ensures more stable quality control, consistent product and of course; the elimination of animal […]

{NEW IN} | GOSH Copenhagen Makeup Brushes

I’ve always loved the idea of a solid shampoo bar. I think it’s so fun and fresh. They’re also supposed to last 80 washes! I’ve used (and loved) the Godiva shampoo from Lush before so I had to give the bright pink Jason and the Argan Oil a try. Jason […]

{BEAUTY REVIEW} | Lush Jason and the Argan Oil Shampoo

 Indian Night Jasmine captures the intoxicating scents of the Kashmir Mughal Gardens at night. The night is said to be the time when the majestic jasmine flowers give off their most decadent scent. Body Shop perfumers created this scent to celebrate the true beauty and intoxicating nature of this famed […]

{FRAGRANCE REVIEW} Indian Night Jasmine by The Body Shop

Konjac sponges seem to be the new it skincare and body product so I was pretty delighted when the lovely Rayisa from Bahira Laser and Beauty Spa gave me one to try out. So what is Konjac? Konjac or Konnyaku is an Asian perennial plant which usually grows at high […]

{BEAUTY REVIEW} | 6 Wave Pure Konjac Body Sponge