{FRAGRANCE REVIEW} | Black Musk by The Body Shop

White Musk, which was created in 1981, is an iconic part of The Body Shop. The velvety, ladylike scent is really comforting and reminds me of my childhood and my Aunt who still uses the White Musk perfume oil today. Following the success of White Musk and Red Musk in 2014, The Body Shop launched Black Musk in 2015. It is said to be the darkest and most sensual fragrance The Body Shop has created to date.
Black Musk comes in elegant black packaging with a small square of pink. The actual fragrance is held in a chic, glossy black flacon. The dark bottle and bright hint of pink are a lovely preview to the feminine and fierce elixir inside.
The fragrance opens with syrupy bambinella pear, infused with spicy pink peppercorns and a slight trace of fresh bergamot. At the heart there are almond notes, complimented with sugary marzipan. This is blended with intense ylang-ylang and luscious liquorice. Warmed black vanilla envelopes chocolate, patchouli, vetiver and of course, black musk; in the intoxicating base. The soft woods temper all the sweet notes and really bring the fragrance together.
I am desperately in love with Black Musk. Everything about it sounds absolutely delicious on paper and the actual fragrance really delivers. So many sweet, sugary notes can be overwhelming but this particular infusion is smooth, fragrant and sophisticated. The liquorice and vanilla are quite dominant; but you definitely get traces of all the different notes throughout wear.
Black Musk EDP wears for a reasonable amount of time. It also fades really pleasantly; so you’re cloaked in a delicious, aromatic cloud for many hours. I’m so excited to wear this fragrance in Winter. Black Musk embodies femininity and fierceness in a steamy puff of mystery.
The Body Shop sources all ingredients ethically and doesn’t test on animals. Black Musk is 100% vegan.
Black Musk Eau De Parfum is available in 50mL for ZAR300. There is also a 60mL Eau De Toilette and 20mL Perfume Oil.
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