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Prada Candy is one of my favourite scents from one of my favourite fashion houses. With a heavy caramel presence, it is sweet and sensual all at once. With Candy Florale, Prada tones down the sweetness of Candy with beautiful floral notes. It is a more flirtatious, whimsical scent. The idea is to create the imaginary “candy flower”, a light but sweet flower reminiscent of a blooming bouquet on the counter at an Italian ice cream shop. Sounds charmingly delectable if you ask me!
The bottle is the same shape as the iconic Candy. It’s a very retro shape that works so perfectly for the brand. This time the bottle is a softer gold than the original and is adorned with a pastel pink band. The liquid is also a pretty light pink and the box is adorned with cute little flowers.
The scent itself is lovely. For someone who doesn’t really like floral scents I found this one quite pleasant. The top note is fresh and sweet Sicilian Limoncello sorbet while the middle is full of floral peony (Blair Waldorf’s favourite flower!). The base is somewhat true to the original with notes of caramel, musk and a whisper of warm honey. 
The overall effect is simple and sweet. The scent is fairly long lasting and begins to fade after about 8 hours of spraying.
As I’ve mentioned above I’m not really too keen on floral scents. This one however, I love. I think it’s because of the inherent sweetness of the fragrance that keeps it from smelling to flowery. I will say though that it’s more of a Spring/Summer scent. I’m going to pack it away and break it out when the warmer months come.
You can find Candy Florale by Prada in 30mL, 50mL or 80mL at leading fragrance retailers online and in store.
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