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Hi beauties. My faves at Glamglow have really been killing it with the launches lately! They have truly found the balance between functional and fun. Today I’m going to talk about two really exciting products that I practically swear by.

The first one is Galacticleanse which is a milk to jelly cleansing balm. It is packed with precious meteorite mineral powder (yes, meteorites, like actually from space!!!), moonflower oil, bamboo charcoal, and Glamglow’s very own innovative Silver Tip White Tea Teaoxi complex. It is also formulated without parabens, phthalates and sulfates.



The actual cleanser squeezes out as a black, sparkly jelly but melts into a milky formula when used. It is a jelly-to-milk formula that’s quite popular in skincare right now. Once on the skin it is exceptionally lightweight but melts makeup (even waterproof eyeliner/mascara and liquid lipstick!) instantly. You can then use a flannel to wipe it off and then rinse your face or you can simply just wash it off. No harsh scrubbing necessary!

What I truly love about Galacticleanse is that even though it deep cleanses, it doesn’t strip any moisture from my skin. In fact, my skin feels clean and super hydrated afterwards.  I have a huge issue with dry skin and it has been so difficult to find a cleanser that removes makeup but doesn’t leave my skin dry, uncomfortable and tight. I have been using pure coconut oil for makeup removal for the longest time but Galacticleanse is definitely going to replace that now. I also must mention that it smells delectable – like a more subtle version of the Glamglow moisturizers (don’t eat it though!). You can find Galacticleanse at your favourite Glamglow counter where it retails for R600.

The second product is probably the one you are most excited about! #Glittermask has been adding sparkle to our Instagram feeds for a while and it is finally here! Glittermask is Glamglow’s super popular Gravity Mud formula filled with glitter and little holographic stars. The glitter and stars are cosmetic grade (obvs!) and are suspended in the gel formula so they won’t irritate your skin or clog your pores.

Now, I absolutely love Gravity Mud. It gives my skin a real pick me up and I use it whenever my skin (or my life) feels a little dull. The mask is a peel-off formula blended with a super soothing Teaoxi complex of liquorice and marshmallow extracts. These ingredients also help to firm and tone up the skin. It has a very subtle pina colada like smell and once peeled off leaves my skin feeling super plump and radiant. The mask takes ±30 minutes to dry and you must wait the full time to get the full effect. I promise you, it’s worth the wait! Glittermask is a really fun, cute version of a really stellar product. I would highly recommend getting it to add some sparkle to your skincare! It retails for R850.


Until next time,

Love and (LOADS OF) sparkles

Zaakira xo

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