Let’s Talk About Supporting The Personal Care Industry

Last week our president, the honourable Cyril Ramaphosa announced the phasing into Alert Level 1. At first I was extremely skeptical of this decision but I realised quickly that the responsibility is on us to keep ourselves safe. 

The personal care industry has been open since “Advanced Level 3” a few months back. 

It has been particularly important for us to open up personal care services, because this is an industry that predominantly employs women.

The last three months have been particularly difficult for the millions of women who work as hairdressers, in spas, as therapists and technicians.

Many of these are businesses are owned by women and a source of income in the informal sector.

Giving women the necessary support to become financially independent is the greatest of priorities, especially now.” – Cyril Ramaphosa, 17 June 2020

However, I do understand that many people are still skeptical about leaving their homes for non-essentials. I ran a poll on Twitter and Instagram asking if people had or wanted to visit salons and spas and the results were 50-50. I decided to do this post anyway. I have been feeling an immense amount of guilt for not supporting the businesses I usually do so I tried to think of ways I can still support them without physically going into the businesses. I cannot even put into words how much support and comfort I received from the women in this industry when I was at my darkest. I have seen women empower themselves, build their self worth and take back their lives through this industry.

The personal care industry is often viewed as a vain, vapid place (by MEN and pick-mes if we are being honest!) but is a place that made me feel so comfortable in my own skin. Nothing beats the feeling of a fresh cut, a fresh set or that after-facial glow. 

If you, completely understandably, choose not to use personal care services until you are 100% comfortable to do so; here are some ways you can still support these businesses.

  1. Spread the word. Your regular spots will be sharing information and specials. You can share this on your social media and with your circle. Forward those WhatsApps!
  2. Write a review. Make sure to mention which treatments you love and why and the names of staff. 
  3. Purchase products. Some salons have an online store and sell products via Instagram. There are also spas and salons who offer contactless delivery of their products to their clients.
  4. Purchase a voucher. You can then use it when you are ready to go in or give it to someone that is comfortable leaving the house for non-essentials.
  5. If you can fit it in your budget, pay for the treatments you would have gotten. Even if it’s just one or two.
  6. Fill in the picture below by tagging your favourites and post it on your Instagram story.

If you do decide to visit your local salon or spa, here are some things to remember

  1. There might be justified price increases even if they’ve already had an annual price increase. This is to cover things like loss of income during lockdown, sanitisation protocols and new hygiene requisites
  2. Be on time. Salons will have occupancy limits based on their size and will have to space out appointments. Get there on time for your appointment and if you are unavoidably late or have to cancel please let them know as soon as possible. Also note that waiting areas may be restricted or not in use and you may have to wait in your car.
  3. Be patient and tolerant. Although they’re allowed to open, there are strict new policies in place and things are going to be a little different than you’re used to. Don’t complain about the lack of refreshments, slowness and sanitisation practices. It is, after all, for your own safety!
  4. Keep your mask on! The mask is COMPULSORY but staff may shy away from telling you to put it on or wear it properly. Don’t be selfish and put others at risk.
  5. Be kind! We are still very much in a pandemic. People are scared and some have even lost family members. DON’T BE A KAREN!

Hope this was a little helpful!

Love and sparkles

Zaakira xo

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