{BEAUTY} | I Used Lush’s #StrippedBackSkincare for a Week

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Please note that the products don’t look brand new in the images as I have been using them.

Hi beauties! Very recently Lush launched their brand new vegan, packaging free skincare range. The collection is permanent and has solid cleansers, solid facial oils and a reusable facial wipe. Everything is zero-waste and self-preserving so even though they’re fresh and natural they have a really long shelf-life. There is a nice selection of products and something for every skin type and if you’re not sure, I suggest that you go into the store and chat to them about what would work for you.

Lush kindly curated and sent a bunch of products for my skin type (dry) so I decided to only use these products exclusively in my routine and see how they do for my skin. The only exceptions were sunscreen (PLEASE Lush you need to give us sunscreen), the occasional mask (I used my FOMO jelly mask and Rosy Cheeks fresh mask from Lush) and I used pure coconut oil and a flannel for makeup removal. I know that there’s a reusable cleansing wipe for this very reason but I didn’t get to a Lush in time and I really wanted to try the products as soon as they came. I also used a spritz of Lush’s Eau Roma water to balance my skin every now and then.

The Products

These are the products I used and how I used them

Cleansing Bars

These are solid, self-preserving cleansing balms and you use them by either sweeping them across your face or rubbing them between your hands and then applying to the face. You then massage your face to get it really clean and use a damp flannel to clean it off. They cost R89 each and have at least a good month’s worth of use in them. You can store them in a tin from Lush or just on a soap dish in your bathroom. Just make sure they stay dry.

Like a Virgin naked cold cream cleanser

This is a modern cleansing balm based on the vintage and very simple cold cream. It is 50% organic extra virgin olive oil and gives a thorough but gentle cleanse. It is very similar to Lush’s Ultrabland cleanser and also contains quenching organic jojoba oil, and sunflower and candelilla waxes but skips the beeswax to keep it completely vegan. There’s also a dash of zesty lemon myrtle oil in there which is antibacterial and also gives it its lovely lemony scent. I used Like A Virgin as my daily morning cleanser and sometimes after removing my makeup. It really holds onto the dirt but doesn’t make the skin feel dry or tight.

Sleepy Face naked cleanser

Firstly, let’s talk about how CUTE this bar looks! Sleepy Face was made with night-time cleansing in mind and is cocoa butter and oat milk based. It is blended with jojoba and almond oils, illipe butter and ultra-calming French lavender (oil and absolu for scent) and smells just lovely. It’s really gentle, calms the skin and the lavender helps with a really tranquil sleep. It’s very similar to the Sleepy lotion and shower cream. I LOVE this one and it’s now a part of my nightly self-care routine. I use it to cleanse my skin just before bed.

Gritty Politti naked cleanser

This is a solid, exfoliating scrub cleanser. Gritty Politti is made with extra virgin coconut and uses ground coconut husks to make the scrubby bits. It’s really creamy and soft when it hits the skin but stays completely solid when stored. I love how gently it exfoliates my skin and it leaves my face feeling so incredibly soft and clean. It smells amazing too! I use Gritty Politti every other day to exfoliate. It also contains bactericidal rosewood and sandalwood oils. (Sidenote, can Lush make a solid lip scrub like this? Is it possible? I need it!)

Naked Facial Oils

There are 4 solid facial oils currently available and you use them by warming them a little between your hands and applying to your face. You can use them with your moisturiser as a boost or on their own, depending on what your skin needs. I store mine in their paper bags and in a container in my drawer – they can be sensitive to high temperatures but so far mine have kept their shape and properties perfectly. They just take a little longer to warm up when it’s cold. Each bar has at least a month’s use in them and they cost R185.

 Banana Skin naked facial oil

This solid oil is packed with creamy, fresh banana and a number of really hydrating ingredients and smells like delicious banana custard. Banana Skin was crafted in-house to re-use the fresh bananas waste in Lush manufacturing, banana peel tincture gives products the fragrance of bananas while toning the skin. The idea was to have a nourishing, vegan breakfast for the face and the fresh bananas (8%) are blended with grapeseed oil, mango butter, apricot kernel oil and silky tapioca starch. I genuinely cannot get enough of this facial oil! It smells amazing (a hint of Tonka bean gives it that custardy scent) and really makes my skin feels amazing. I use it every single morning after cleansing.

Argan naked facial oil

This ultra-luxurious, facial oil is fair trade shea butter (from the Ojoba Women’s Cooperative in Ghana) and cocoa butter based and is blended with brightening Sicilian lemon oil, Moroccan Argan oil and rich Prickly Pear oil. The distinct, syrupy rose scent comes from Turkish rose and date syrup and it also has aloe vera extract for extra softness. It is so nourishing and decadent and makes me feel like a Queen. I use it at night and my skin still feels super soft when I wake up. I also used it before makeup and it was lovely but I’d like to try the Amazon Primer solid oil which is specifically for this.

Will I continue using these products?

Yes! #StrippedBackSkincare is wonderful, affordable and really reduces package waste. My skin looks and feels AMAZING! The products don’t just work as they should but also smell so so good and are really easy to use. I’m definitely incorporating them into my skincare routine going forward.

Have you tried any of Lush’s naked skincare products? You can get them both in store and online.

Until next time

Love and sparkles

Zaakira xo







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