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GOSH Copenhagen has created a new line of makeup brushes. The new brushes sit on Birchwood handles and are made from 100% synthetic materials. The use of no natural hair in the creation of these brushes ensures more stable quality control, consistent product and of course; the elimination of animal cruelty worries.
The brushes; in plain black with white branding are really discreet and sleek in design. They feel strong and sturdy (I dropped the blusher brush on the tiles and it survived with no damage) and when you pull at the bristles they don’t come off.
I haven’t been using them for too long now but I have made some initial observations. The actual texture of the brushes is really wonderfully soft and they’re quite pleasant to use. The pickup of product and application onto the skin is quite adequate. I’m particularly fond of the Kabuki brush which has a profusion of luxuriously soft bristles. It feels delightful on the skin and I have been using it to apply bronzer and highlighter on my face.
The new GOSH Copenhagen makeup brushes are quite affordable too. There are 4 different brushes available:
Kabuki Brush                    – ZAR 240
Blusher Brush                   – ZAR170
Powder Brush                   – ZAR270
Foundation Brush            – ZAR240
You can find these GOSH Copenhagen brushes and other GOSH Copenhagen products at selected Edgars stores.
Until next time
Love and sparkles
Zaakira xox

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