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I don’t know about you but nothing vexes me more than the people who say, “I never played with Barbies” in a “I need a medal now” manner or the ones who make you feel like you are basic because you never dismembered your dolls. These people are in the same WhatsApp group as the “I don’t wear makeup and therefore I am so unique and different” girls and it is totally annoying. (It is seriously okay if you don’t wear makeup but don’t mock those who do. Honestly it is SO not that deep). My point is that we have all had different experiences and one isn’t more valid or acceptable than the other.  I spent many hours dressing up my Barbies and having mini fashion shows. My Barbie Dream House was in Beverly Hills (obviously!) and my Barbie held many careers from a nurse to an astronaut, a rocket scientist and even a dairy farmer at one point. These were the hours and hours that gave ME so much bliss. Perhaps your memories are completely dissimilar but as long as they gave you joy it doesn’t matter. We are all built differently and it is important to accept and understand this. I am a lot like “other girls” and I wouldn’t have it any other way… Girls are awesome!

Anyway, here are two outfits I wore recently. The khaki one was meant to be a “brothers pick me outfit” – which they did – but we forgot to hit record.

I don’t think I’m ever going to outgrow Barbie! (And Missguided isn’t really making it easy.)

Joggers, Bodysuit – Barbie X Missguided | Shoes – ZARA | Coat – H&M | Glasses – Dior

Leggings, Hooded Top – Barbie X Missguided | Shoes – ZARA | Sunglasses – MrP


Did you play with Barbies?

Until next time

Love and sparkles

Zaakira xo

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