{OOTD} | The Force is Strong in my Family 1

T-shirt – Shuaib’s (old) | Jeans – Salsa Denim | Boots – ZARA | Necklaces – Old | Rings – Swarovski and Punk and Ivy x Legit |Sunglasses – Thrifted

Today my outfit is celebrating the release of the new teaser for Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens. It’s one of those ones where I get to have a little more fun than usual. As I mentioned in my previous Star Wars themed post, I am a fan of the franchise and I’m really intrigued by the culture it has produced.
I love my basic denim and t-shirt look dressed up with some killer heels and charming accessories. I’m wearing my Salsa Colette jeans here and they have become my weekend uniform. I love the ripped detail because it’s edgy but has a denim panel behind it so my thighs don’t end up looking like hams (ew.). These boots are a recent purchase and a gift from my Dad. Needless to say, I am obsessed.
Let’s talk about the trailer for a second. Who is Luke talking to?! Is Vader alive? Maybe he’s a clone?! An imposter? Or ghost??!! Who is running the Empire now? What about Chewie and Han… Best scene ever but context please!!! All these questions will be answered when the movie releases at Christmas but patience is really not my strong point!
Honestly I think if the force were a thing, it would be very strong in my family 😉
Until next time

Chewie we’re home!” – Han Solo (Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens)
Love and sparkles
Zaakira xox

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