{OOTD} | There Has Been an Awakening 3

T-shirt – Shuaib’s(MrP I think)| Jeans – Lucky Brand | Shoes – ZARA | Necklace – Lovisa | Spiral Ring and Bracelet – Swarovski | Sunglasses – MrP

In wouldn’t call myself a full on Star Wars nerd but I do really enjoy the franchise and the culture that it has produced. I of course would love to own a light saber (black? Could I get a black one?) and my favourite character is Han Solo (obvs!). My dilemma however, is that I don’t actually know which side I’d be on. Rebellion sounds so me but the Dark Side really intrigues me.

The recently released teaser trailer has got me pretty excited for Episode VII (that light saber though!) and so I thought I would have some fun with this outfit and the photos. It was a pretty last minute idea since I was wearing the t-shirt and we found this awesome empty plot to shoot in while driving around. This is why my jeans are so annoyingly creased! I must mention that these Lucky Brand (Charlie Super Skinnys) jeans are the most comfortable pair of skinnys I own. The fabric is extremely soft and breathable so it’s a perfect pair for those hot days and balmy nights in summer.  I had these recently purchased heels in the car which really brought the outfit together. What really got me though was that I am wearing M.A.C Rebel lipstick! Maybe I do belong in the Rebellion after all! 😉

Oh yes! I also got my hair cut today! Its quite a plunge because its way shorter and pretty asymmetrical. Perfect for the summer although I hope I can manage to maintain it as time passes.

Are you a fan of Star Wars? How do you feel about the new teaser?

Until next time

Sorry about the mess” – Han Solo (Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope)

Love and sparkles

Zaakira xox

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