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Hi lovelies! Today I’m starting a new little piece called Royal Obsessions. In this piece I will tell you about all the things I am currently obsessed with.
My latest obsession is 1701 nougat because nougat is one of my favourite sweet treats. Although nougat is commonly known as a French confection, it actually originated in Cremona, Italy at the wedding feast of Bianca Maria Visconti and Francesco Sforza! Further research even suggests that it could have originated in the Middle East where it is still eaten and given as a gift. Fine nougat is made with roasted seeds or nuts which are folded into a paste of honey, sugar and egg whites. Despite the use of two sweet ingredients, the candy should not be excessively sweet. It should be pleasant with a delicate honey flavour. The texture must be soft and almost like a marshmallow but should still hold together.
Image by Layla Shaik Photography x Princess of Jozi
The name 1701 relates to the year that nougat became famous in Montelimar, France. The business began in 2009 by owner Nick’s mother Lianne. It was a gingerbread-man for Lianne Scher’s little daughter’s lunch box that culminated in her having an own label of ginger biscuits, chocolate chip cookies, shortbread, Florentines and crunchies and then nougat. Once Nick graduated with a BA in Brand Building and Management he decided to build a brand around his mother’s nougat. 1701 prides itself on being “handmade the French way”. The brand sticks to the basic French recipe, using fresh egg whites, good quality honey and roasted nuts. There are no added stabilizers, preservatives, thickeners or gelatine. This process means that the sweets don’t look uniform but for me this just adds to the charm of the brand. The nougat comes in 2 variants; roasted macadamia and roasted almond.
Anyone who knows me knows I’m extremely fussy about my nougat. I can confidently say that 1701 nougat is heavenly! It’s really soft and melty, the nuts are perfectly roasted and it has that distinct honey flavour with just the right amount of sweetness. The sweets are light and airy and don’t make you feel too guilty after eating more than a few 😉 Another thing that impresses me about 1701 is the attention to detail when it comes to packaging. The boxes are pastel and gold and are so pretty! They make the perfect gifts! (My birthday is next month! *hint)
You can find 1701 products online at www.1701.co.za or at the following stockists.
– Broadacres Super Spar
– Hobart Road Super Spar
– Ferndale Super Spar
– Country Meat Fourways & Bryanston
– The Jungle (Jan Smuts Avenue)
– Cottage Flowers Hyde Park Shopping Centre
– Three Mary’s (44 Stanley Avenue)
– Galleon Pharmacy Hyde Park Shopping Centre
– Craighall Spar
– Monument Park Super Spar
– Thrupps
I will update the list as it grows.
Until next time
Love and sparkles

Zaakira xox

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