{SKINCARE REVIEW} | Garnier SkinActive with Rose Water

Hi beauties! I noticed the new Garnier SkinActive products on the shelves at Dischem in June and I decided to pick them up. Have you ever gone to Dischem and purchased ONLY what you went in for? If you have please hit me up because it has been my lifelong dream to meet a unicorn! 😉

I have been looking to try a good drugstore moisturiser for a while now because during the day I have to reapply my moisturiser a lot (wudhu) and a $75 cream is just not it! I was very interested in the Rose Water variants because I love using use rosewater and rose based products on my skin (I have very dry skin) so I bought myself both the moisturiser and cleansing milk to try out. There is also a soothing rosewater based toner but I didn’t get that because I enjoy using Eau Roma from Lush on my skin after cleansing.

Garnier’s new SkinActive range promises 96% naturally derived ingredients in all their products. They say, “We consider an ingredient to be naturally-derived if it is unchanged from its natural state or has undergone processing, yet still retains greater than 50% of its molecular structure from its original natural source. This formula consists of 96% naturally-derived ingredients. The remaining ingredients constitute 4% of the formula to ensure its sensoriality and preservation.”


The products are also dermatologically tested and formulated without parabens, silicones and artificial colourants and along with the packaging are renewable and sourced sustainably from suppliers that promote social fairness. I am really happy about this because in the past you couldn’t get this level of sustainability and conscience from a drugstore brand at such an affordable price.



Both the Botanical day cream and cleansing milk are enriched with rosewater and formulated to hydrate and soothe dry and sensitive skin.

I have used the cleansing milk to cleanse my skin daily and to remove my makeup. The fragrance is so faintly rose that it’s almost undetectable. It feels really cleansing and my face feels completely purified afterwards. The cleansing milk is also gentle enough to not dry or strip the skin and it makes my skin feel very soothed. It’s a really good cleanser to use with a cleansing brush (I use the Clinique Sonic brush every day) and is now part of my regular skincare routine.

The botanical day cream is absolutely amazing! It is incredibly calming, nourishing and gentle on my skin and feels AMAZING. It has a very thick, rich texture but absorbs into the skin really nicely and doesn’t feel oily or heavy at any point after application. The scent of the botanical day cream is a bit stronger than the cleansing milk but still very lovely and subtle. If you love roses you will love this!

I am genuinely happy and pleasantly surprised with the results I have been getting from these two products. I will definitely repurchase both the cleansing milk and the moisturiser and I might actually try the toner the next time.

I noticed online that there is a rose 3-in-1 botanical balm and face mist overseas and I hope we get them eventually because I would love to try these ones too!



The entire collection retails for a steal of R59.95 each so you can buy yourself a 3-step skincare set for under R200! There are two more selections in the Garnier SkinActive range, Aloe enriched for normal to combination skin and Green Tea enriched for combination to oily skin.

You can purchase Garnier’s SkinActive range at Clicks and Dischem and online on Takealot. Have you tried any of the products yet?

Until next time

Love and sparkles

Zaakira xo

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