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For as long as I can remember, a Thomas Sabo charm bracelet has been on my wish list. When my Mom finally got me one (dripping with charms) I was beyond delighted. Thomas Sabo has been a brand I have grown up with and I am so thrilled that with the Generation Charm Club collection the brand is growing up a little too.

Generation Charm Club is all about reinventing the world of charm and celebrating the distinctiveness and personality of the wearer. The collection boasts about 260 redesigned charms in both sterling silver and 18K gold plating. It’s all very on-trend but stays true to the essence of the Thomas Sabo Charm Club feel.

You can wear your stylish Generation CC charms on the humble bracelet or you can opt for one of the many new carriers, including necklaces and hoops for a modern, layered look. The collection also rejects gender. Generation CC is for everyone!

Combine things that are close to your heart and transcend borders – Generation Charm Club stands for the new, casual attitude towards personalising and styling favourite pieces, lucky charms and vintage symbols”, says Susanne Kölbli, Creative Director at THOMAS SABO.

The packaging has also evolved, making Generation Charm Club a whole experience. The boxes are now square, drawers and come in two different colours with the characteristic Thomas Sabo monochrome stripes. The shopping bags match the boxes too!

If all this has you excited, prepare to be even more pleased. You can now shop Thomas Sabo (incl. Generation CC) online. This makes the brand and its gorgeous jewels and pieces accessible to everyone, even if you can’t make it to the mall! Just visit www.thomassabo.co.za

The even better news?! I will be giving you the opportunity to win a R5000 voucher to shop Thomas Sabo online later this week!!!

Be sure to subscribe and check out the blog later this week to find out how! (In the meantime check out the Generation CC charms on the Thomas Sabo website)

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Love and sparkles

Zaakira xo

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