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Hi lovelies! As you know I recently travelled to the UK for a vacation. Travel is extremely rewarding but it can also be quite a stressful undertaking. Today I’m teaming up with Lipault to share some of the tips and tricks I picked up that made my experience in the airports a little more comfortable.

My trip involved 2 flights each on departure and return and a stop-over in Dubai. The stop-overs were short at 2 hours and 5 hours each and with each flight being 7-8 hours it can end up being taxing and tiring if you don’t plan well. Here is what made my life a little easier.
Invest In Good Luggage
Good-quality, durable luggage might be a bit of an investment but it will last you a lifetime. When choosing luggage, make sure that it is lightweight, made from sturdy material and has a decent set of zips and finishes. I personally use Samsonite luggage because the bags are of stellar quality and are really lightweight and spacious. I’d also advise you to get a colour other than black or to add some colourful ribbons or a slip cover on your luggage so that you can identify it easily.
Make sure your carry-on bag fits the requirement for the airline you are flying. The Lipault Plume Spinner is created to fit the dimension requirements for most airlines. It is also made from water-resistant, durable nylon fabric and is finished off with robust but extremely lightweight hardware. It weighs ±7.7 pounds without anything inside and the spinner wheels make moving around really easy. The bag comes in loads of delightful colours too, from black and brown to sultry red and calming blue to pretty pink like mine.
Pack Smart
When preparing your carry-on I suggest packing 2 sets of extra clothes and 3 sets of extra underwear. Nobody wants to think about their luggage getting lost and even though it only happens a small percentage of the time, you don’t want to be stuck without clothes. I pack in items like leggings, t-shirts and clothing that I can fold and fit into a big Ziplock bag. That way I can pack one outfit + underwear together. The Ziplock bags compact the clothing and allow you to pack the clothes in neatly, allowing enough room for some duty free shopping. 😉
Also buy items like extra hair-ties, bobby pins, gum, wet wipes and band aids and pack them in your carry-on. Small things like these can get very expensive and eat into your budget.
Pack your carry-on liquids (below 100mL) and your medication in a clear Ziplock bag and remember to include your liquid/gel liner, mascara and lip glosses because some airports will make you remove them from your makeup bag. Have this Ziplock bag and your electronics (Laptop/iPad/Hair iron etc.) in an easily accessible compartment or in your handbag so that you’re not fumbling around at Security. Take an extra little Ziplock bag and remove your glasses, belt, jewellery etc. and put them in there and in your handbag before queuing up for Security. This keeps them together so you can put them on again after clearing Security.
Familiarise Yourself with the Airport
Check out the website beforehand and locate your terminal and check-in counter if possible. Get acquainted with the restaurants and stores that you can find in the airport especially if you only have a few hours (in transit) and want to do some shopping. Apps like Zomato (available in some countries) list all the restaurants available in and around airports and in the different terminals.
Get There Early
Even if you have checked in online, try to get to the airport right when the check-in for your flight opens. Queues can get pretty long and Security and Passport Control, depending on the business of the airport and time of the day/year, can also take up lots of time. You don’t want to rush through your duty-free shopping do you?
Apart from duty-free, budget an amount for snacks, food, magazines etc. and stick to it. Even if it means withdrawing that amount in cash. Everything looks so tempting when you are travelling especially if its restaurants and snacks that aren’t available in your country and food can end up getting really expensive. Zomato allows you to look at menus beforehand so you can get an idea of prices at various restaurants to help you budget.
Be Comfortable
This means what is comfortable for YOU. Don’t let anyone or a website tell you what to wear because only you know what works for you. I’ve seen girls breeze through airports in heels! Personally I prefer a pair of sneakers and a pair of slip-ons from Flossy packed into my Lipault carry-on. For clothing I like leggings or joggers.
Make sure your carry-on and handbag are easy to carry and move around. I love my Lipault Lady Plume Tote Bag because it’s lightweight, durable and easy to carry. The nylon fabric means that if I spill that cup of coffee I can wipe it up without any permanent damage.
Layer up! Temperatures can change all the time. The airplane can get really warm or really cold and airports are usually air conditioned.  Instead of one heavy, gigantic coat wear a few lightweight items. I usually wear a tank, a long-sleeved tee, a light bomber jacket and a pashmina. Don’t forget to leave some space in your carry-on for your layers!
Be Calm and Polite
Flights get delayed or you might have to get searched at Security; things like this happen and there’s no use getting worked up. Everyone in the airport is literally just doing their job and trying to make the experience as efficient and comfortable as possible for everyone. 
Don’t forget your Pleases and Thank Yous! Being polite costs nothing and means everything! Smiles are free too and can make someone’s day.
What makes your airport experience easier? Let me know by commenting below!
Until next time
Love and sparkles
Zaakira xox

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