{TRENDING} | The Bomber Jacket

Street style has been flooded with bomber jackets recently and I can’t say that I am complaining! Bomber jackets are really versatile and comfy but can also be incredibly chic.
They can be worn over ripped jeans and a plain tee, a sultry dress; honestly anything your heart desires. I’m actually really keen to throw one over a huge silk or satin skirt for SA Fashion Week.
What’s really cool about the bomber jacket trend is that they come in so many different types and styles so they’re aren’t committed to one type of look. I’ve seen soft metallics, lace fabrics, pretty delicate flower patterns, graffiti, fierce prints and embroidery and tons of phrases and sayings. I must mention that there’s also a lot of Japanese inspiration floating around, especially at Zara, and it’s absolutely stunning!
I invested in 3 different jackets so far (all from Zara), 2 of which are pictured here. I’ve worn the silver one over my jeans and a pair of black culottes and the red one over velvet leggings. I’m really excited to play around some more though.
Bomber jackets are perfect for transitional weather and that little Spring chill. Check out Zara and Mr Price who both currently have some really ace options!
Would you wear the bomber jacket? Which one is your favourite? Comment below or tweet me a photo @LadyZaa
Until next time
Love and sparkles
Zaakira xxo

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