Valentine’s Day | A Flashback with Iron Fist

When I first moved to the City of Gold, I was lucky enough to collaborate with Iron Fist. I really love the brand and I own many many many pairs of Iron Fist shoes so it was a dream-come-true.

I once went into the Rosebank store wearing a necklace I created myself. Thanks to the keen eye of the manager Megan, I was approached by the owner of the store to design and handcraft a collection of necklaces that they would sell for Valentine’s Day. It was an amazing opportunity and I created a few pieces that were photographed with the Iron Fist shoes. I was terribly nervous but thankfully, they sold really well. The store is now closed unfortunately and Iron Fist stock is quite difficult to come by in South Africa but I always be grateful for it and cherish the memory. It was the first time that I actually felt I could do something in fashion.

I thought I’d share this special memory with you. Here are some of the photos shot by Anabela Lourenco.

Until next time

Love and Sparkles
Zaakira XOX

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