Valentine’s Day with Spring

As you all know by all the red, white and pink that’s been thrown up all over everywhere, Valentine’s Day is coming! I’m not a gigantic celebrator but hey, who doesn’t like getting gifts?! Now, usually I’m okay with just a hug and a kiss or a cookie or cupcake. A really delicious well-made sandwich or some spicy chicken wings also do the trick. Today though, my wishlist is very glam as I’m picking out my top 3 gifts from Spring.
As I’ve mentioned before, Spring is a lovely little idea. It is an online shopping destination inspired by all the delightful boutiques that line Spring Street in SoHo, New York City. The brand was created around capturing the experience of shopping in this trendy, iconic street. You can browse through tons of products and accessories from different brands and designers and then buy them all in one place!
So here are my top 3 picks off Spring. I’d love to get these pieces for Valentine’s Day or just because 😉

Seriously, how insanely cool is this pair of sunnies?! It’s a pretty and subtle gold with neon pink lenses. I really love the shape too!
How cute is this?! The Mr will probably think it’s a bit silly but he will humour me anyway. Edie Parker is known for their dreamy hand-poured acrylic clutches adorned with words and sayings. This lovely pearlescent one features gorgeous glitter text and gold hardware on a pearlescent bag. I. Must. Have!
Jewels make the best gifts! This Swarovski crystal adorned ring has such an opulent and antique feel to it. It also happens to look slightly like a crown! How fitting!

What do you think of these pieces? Will any of them make it onto your wishlist? Check out Spring and their accessories department to make a list of your own!
Until next time
Love and sparkles

Zaakira xox

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