Argan Oil known as ‘liquid gold” is extracted from the kernels of the Argania spinosa or Argan tree which is found in Morocco. Although it is consumed as a gourmet food product, it is most well-known for its cosmetic properties and has become a cult ingredient in the beauty industry. It is highly moisturizing and is thus used to nourish the hair, skin and nails. It also contains, amongst other things, vitamin A, tocopherols and unsaturated fatty acids which gives it some anti-ageing properties.
There are many Argan based products available but my friends over at 27 Pinkx stock pure 100% organic Argan oil and they sent me a bottle for my birthday. It comes in a brown glass bottle with a dropper. The consistency is that of an oil and the colour is a light golden. Because it is untreated and unfragranced, the scent is light and ever so slightly nutty.
I have been using it over the past few months in the following ways and I am extremely delighted with the effects.
To Moisturize:
At night I use a few drops on cleansed face. For an oil, it absorbs quickly into my skin and doesn’t leave an oily residue. My skin feels so soft and conditioned by the morning and has been noticeably more glowing. I also mix a drop in when I am mixing up my under eye concealers before I apply to add extra moisture and glow to my under eye area. You can add a few drops to your night cream for a serum effect and even to some aqueous cream for a delightfully nourishing body moisturizer.
 Hair Treatment:
Prolonged use of the GHD makes my hair a tad unhappy. Once a week before bed I use a few drops of the oil on the ends of my hair and work it upwards. I wash my hair the next day. It really nourishes the hair and gives it incredible shine. You can also use a drop or 2 after styling for shine.
Lip Scrub:
I mix a drop of the oil with some sugar and use it to scrub my lips. It removes the flaky skin while moisturizing the lips. This really helps to give that smooth effect when creating a really matte lip.
Nails and Cuticles:
I have such issues with my dry cuticles and brittle nails. I started using the oil on my nails a few days ago and I am already feeling a difference. It also helps that the oil absorbs really quickly and doesn’t get everywhere from your nails.
There are many more uses for the oil, including the treatment of scars and stretch marks, as a bath oil and if you like that glow, you can use it to prep your skin before applying makeup.
I have used many Argan oil based products but after using the pure oil, I have become very spoilt. No product comes close.
You can purchase Argan City 100% organic Argan Oil here on www.27pinkx.co.za at ZAR280 for 50mL with free delivery in South Africa. This product is bottled in Morocco and is not tested on animals.
Have you used pure Argan oil or any Argan based products? Have you felt that they have made a difference?
Until next time
Love and sparkles

Zaakira xox

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