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When the weather began to heat up I searched my perfume drawer for something a little brighter and fresher to wear. I came across Modern Muse Chic from Estee Lauder, a 2014 fragrance that had somehow slipped my mind for a while. The rediscovery of this bold, woody and floral scent feels like a little gift from me to me, just in time for the warmer months.
Modern Muse Chic was inspired by the “complexity of the modern woman.” She is extraordinary, extroverted and creative in her manner and sense of style and leaves a little inspiration everywhere she goes. Modern Muse Chic is what Estee Lauder envisions her to be as a fragrance; a daring take on the original Modern Muse.
 The bottle is chic, pretty and slightly edgy. It is tall, clear flacon with rounded edges. The lovely, soft pink liquid is visible through the bottle which is branded in elegant navy blue and gold font. This is complimented with a gold spray mechanism and a gorgeous gold-studded navy blue bow.
The actual fragrance is built up off two facets; the Vivid Floral Accord and the Striking Ebony Woods Accord. It is crafted around the intoxicating and exquisitely unique aroma of Jasmine Sambac. This is achieved by the use of two different selections; Jasmine Sambac Fir Absolute and Jasmine Sambac China Absolute.
Modern Muse Chic opens with delicious golden honey, juicy plums, Davana and stargazer lilies. These are blended with the two Jasmine Sambac notes and two different Tuberose varieties; Tuberose Fir Absolute and Tuberose Fleur Fir Natural which all harmoniously intensify the exquisite jasmine fragrance.
The base is soft and sensual, combining cashmere woods and suede musks with patchouli, Agarwood, labandum and a delicate hint of Madagascan vanilla (hello!!!). I love how the striking florals are contrasted by the gentle base notes in a perfect balance. The effect is a really beautiful juxtaposition of bold and subtle.
Modern Muse Chic is an Eau de Parfum and the wear is excellent. It wore for 6 hours + on me and although it dries down into a creamier scent at the base you can still get a hint of florals.
When I smell Modern Muse Chic I always think of a really stylish woman, comfortable in her skin; strutting through the Upper East Side while holding an exquisite and intoxicating bouquet of flowers.
I don’t usually like floral fragrances but I absolutely love Modern Muse Chic. It is one of my favourites. I will definitely be wearing this fragrance throughout the warmer months. I can see myself wearing it while shopping and brunching in the daytime and also on those balmy summer nights.
Modern Muse Chic is available on www.esteelauder.co.za in 30mL (ZAR915), 50mL (ZAR1225) and 100mL (ZAR1650). You can also find it at most fragrance retailers.
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