{Miss Veet SA 2015} | A Day with the Finalists 1

On Saturday last week I was invited by Zebra Square to spend the morning with a few Miss Veet SA finalists at the Rosebank Mall. It was an opportunity to get to know the finalists, put our styling skills to work and just have a little fun.

After stuffing our faces on divine sushi, I was paired with the lovely Kopano Mocwane and we were sent to Jewls where I got to adorn her with lots of sparklies. We decided to do two looks and Kopano wanted to leave her comfort zone of gold accessories. The first look was very stylish and sultry. We used beautiful silver pieces with some blue and black accents and a little bit of edge. The second look was very girly and whimsical with a pink crystal watch being the focus of the look. It was also an ode to Kopano’s favourite colour, pink. We chatted over the jewels and I got to know that she is a BCom Finance student who has just started her own brand development and social media company. She is a very confident and bubbly young lady.

After we (very reluctantly) gave back all the jewels we were taken up to 54 on Bath hotel where we chatted with the finalists over tea and cupcakes. Speaking with the girls proved to me that this was not just an average beauty contest. The girls got along so well despite being in competition with each other. It was also so refreshing that the girls were so driven and ambitious. They were all so very clear about who they are and what they wanted to achieve and build in life. These include opening a finishing school for disadvantaged young girls, modelling internationally and starting a business that will empower women. It was honestly so difficult for me to pick a favourite because any of these girls will be a wonderful ambassador for Veet.

Miss Veet SA truly is so much more than just pretty faces and long legs. It’s about empowering and encouraging these girls to go fourth and be more than just what they look like.

Here are the finalists. They will enter the Veet Villa next month after which the winner will be announced. I will be sure to keep you posted 🙂

Until next time

Love and sparkles
Zaakira xox

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